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Personal work, around 16 hours. Everything is painted, no photopashing or similar techniques. 1) I just wanted to really 'paint' something. 2) I wanted to train my patience, because I am always very unpatient... It was great fun and I really like it. Maybe I can go back to it in a few years when I got more practice and polish it up a bit! There are still so many things which are just too much right now. I tried to use as less as possible photo-reference, I did use some but only for the boat and the fishes. The title "Laichzeit" is simply a german word for the season in which fishes lay their eggs.

Katharina postinett wip26

Finished Work

Katharina postinett wip26 kopie 2

detail boat

Katharina postinett wip1

first skribble

Katharina postinett wip2


Katharina postinett wip7


Katharina postinett wip14


Katharina postinett wip17