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Animal Instinct

Day 2
We have been stumbling through this dense, moist forest for weeks. The only thing we hear are screachin' animals in the undergrowth around us and this utterly strange fluttering sound of these giant moths. I've got the feeling these goddamn insects are following us 'round. Mylord seems to be calm and it doens't bother him as much as it bothers me.

Day 3
The goddamn horses ran off today. We were passing some kind of old shrine of wha'ever god and these stupid animals lost their freakin' minds. Now we have to walk afoot in this moist air, and it seems to get hotter as we come closer to what seems to be the central point of the forest. There is this thick moss everywhere. It swallows every sound we make.

Day 4
I remember these moth. I saw them in mylords room one night, back in the castle before we left. Goddamn moths.

15 hours worktime. Read the rest of the story here: (too long for Artstation... )

K postinett 21
K postinett 21

Detail faces

K postinett bild 22

FIrst sketch

K postinett 1

Digital sketch

K postinett 4 1

First colour composition WIP

K postinett 6

I had problems with the anatomy...

K postinett 7

So i took a reference picture

K postinett 10

more WIP

K postinett 13

New background WIP