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The Rabbit Queen

Another of my old words I decided to give a "fresh" face. I worked 8 hours on this new version. The original is one of my oldest digital paintings, in 2013 I didnt know anything about layers or what the actual hell I was doing. BUT I have to say I still love the 2013 version. It kind of shows my roots and my really own style before I started to get influenced by big digital artists.

(English title: The Rabbit Queen/Rabbit's Ears)

Katharina postinett therabbitqueenfertigneuu13

2016 Version

Katharina postinett therabbitqueenfertigneuu13 kopie

Close Up Face

Katharina postinett therabbitqueenfertig2 kopie

Close Up 2013 (Old Version)

Katharina postinett therabbitqueenfertig2

2013 Version (full)

Katharina postinett therabbitqueenfertigneuu1

2016 Version WIP

Katharina postinett therabbitqueenfertigneuu8

2016 Version WIP