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Die Liebe

I decided to make a newer version of a digital drawing I did in 2014 originally. Back then I had just learned to use my tablet and layers and... yea so basically I liked the idea to express love and affinity as a bound which is both platonic but also sexual. It is a rather personal piece, since probably most people will not identify with the rabbit as such. But since the 2014 one was rather outdated style-wise and I learned a lot in the past years, I wanted to do another version. I tried to keep all basic elements of the original.

I worked 15 hours on this new version. Everything is digitally painted, no photobashing or texture brushes (just very seldom) Thanks for having a look!

Katharina postinett loveneufin

Finished work (2016)

Katharina postinett loveneufin kopie 2

details face

Katharina postinett loveneufin kopie

details armor

Katharina postinett lovefertig

First version (this one is from 2014!)

Katharina postinett loveneu

WIP/ Sketch for the 2016 version

Katharina postinett loveneu3

WIP 2016 version

Katharina postinett loveneu5

WIP 2016 version

Katharina postinett loveneu18

WIP 2016 version