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Tulips II

A little study of mine, took about 4-5 hours from finish to start. Hope you like it!

Katharina postinett tulips6

Finished Work

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Katharina postinett tulips1

Blocking in base colours, defining shaped and shadows with a simple brush on 100%

Katharina postinett tulips2

Adding light and reflections, working out details with a smudge-brush

Katharina postinett tulips3

Then complex details (left flower).
I select a specific area and work with smudge and airbrush brushes, on normal and overlay mode for dark and light areas, also texture brushes, focusing on the most important details and stressing them

Katharina postinett tulips4

More details and tidying up, working on the overall look and colour, big airbrush tool to finish the glass.
Also texture brushes for the glass reflections and the leaves.

Katharina postinett tulips5

Finishing touches, colour balance, light and kontrast, lowering saturation and colouring, a lot of smudging on the glass and the flower inside.
Also I start to think about the background and overall lightness/darkness.

Katharina postinett tulips6

Last but not least I add the hadphones because I like the spontanous feeling they give to the imgae! And I again play around with the colour balance, because I wanted it to be a bit warmer, the wihte paper looked kinda sterile to me. I hope I could help!