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Garden Of The Creator

The style and colour of this work was on the one hand strongly influenced by Eugene Bidau's 'A Peacock And Doves In A Garden' from 1888 as well as the motive by Philip K. Dick's mile stone of science fiction 'Do Androids Dream Of Electric Sheep?' which was the material for the well known movie 'Blade Runner'.
I had the mysterious and prosperous garden of Bidau in mind, voices of birds, moist air, a place beyond reality; which I wanted to combine with Dick's artificial, eclectric animals and callous androids.
So I thought of an android, damaged in battle with a bounty hunter or another android, who returns to it's master. Waiting for his arrival, lingerin in his decadent garden, filled with vibrant nature, just next to the artificial peacock, which eyes it warily.

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First Colours

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More Detailed Colours

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Detail Head (Finished)