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The Cycle

Rework of an older piece which i did in 2013.

I wanted to keep the composition and core aspects (soul) of the work.

I don't think I need to explain what this work is about. I am not religious and neither do I believe in any god, but I worship nature. We are born, we breed, we die. What a beautiful cycle. It's what makes life so precious.

I think i have to go back to it in a few years, because I am still not 100% happy with the quality, but this is all i am able to do right now and I am very proud of my progress.

Katharina postinett 2213 fin kleiner

Finished Work

Katharina postinett faces2
Katharina postinett tt3

Original finished work from early 2013. What a struggle it was...

Katharina postinett 223

2016: I converted the original image to greyscale to correct mistakes more easy, for example the facial structure and the bunnies

Katharina postinett reworkcircleklein

Comparison, left 2013 right 2016

Katharina postinett sec skrib

2013: My first try /sketch on the concept/idea. Still like the colours and composition, maybe I will do something with this one, too.