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Experimental Study

I startet to do a study of these two bataleurs and in the end I wanted to add something to edge their beauty and elegance. So I tried to use geometric forms to conctrast their soft feathers.

I took the original picture at the zoo many years ago. I truly broke my heart seeing these magnificent creatures in cages. I removed the wire frame (of the original shot) behind which they were sitting to appreciate them as free beeings (at least in my wishful fantasy). Since then I've never been to the zoo again. Of course zoos are important to preserve endagered species, I understand that. But many zoos lack the money to give animals species-appropriate home a priori, so the visitors will be disappointed when they see the sad animals, they won't come again, less money comes in, the situation for the animals gets worse... so on and so forth. An endless loop. There should be more control over who COULD and who SHOULD give care for animals.

Artgerecht ist nur die Freiheit. - german proverb

Katharina postinett vogelexp2


Katharina postinett vogel

First layer

Katharina postinett vogelexp

Experimenting with shapes

Katharina postinett vogel2

More progress